The Tech Informist – Episode 6 – Daniel Rubino


If you are a fan of Windows Phones, then this is one episode you will want to make sure you listen to! Here we are talking with Daniel Rubino, Editor-in-Chief of THE place on the web to go to for all of your Windows Phone news,

In this episode we get a little background on how WPCentral came to be what it is today, what persuaded Daniel to get into journalism, what his thoughts are on the recently released Windows Technical Preview (Windows 10), and what the future holds for WPCentral. And of course there was a lot of Microsoft & Windows Phone talk mixed in as well.


 About our guest

Daniel is currently the Editor-in-chief of Windows Phone Central (, the largest news and review site focused to Microsoft’s mobile smartphone business. Besides overseeing daily content, Daniel writes many of the editorials and analyses about the current stage of smartphone technology and curate the community around Windows Phone.

His previous background and interests range from neurolinguistics (language disorders, schizophrenia, architecture) to sleep disorders (polysomnographer). Daniel also previously worked as a motion picture projectionist for 17 years in various movie theaters and cinemas.

You can connect with Daniel the following ways:

Stories Discussed

  • Testing the Windows 10 Technical Preview
  • Trying out the Samsung Galaxy Alpha from AT&T
  • SWAY for Microsoft Office
  • A little Android L discussion and 64 bit devices

App Picks

  • Pushup Social – Android & iOS (Windows Phone coming soon) – Free
  • Asphalt Overdrive – Android, iOS, Windows Phone – Free